Halibut is now OPEN!!

May 26th, 28th, 30th, and every odd numbered day in June until quota is met, $295 per person, private boats available for 6 people. Rescheduling for paid customers and then scheduling for new ones.

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 Seattle Fishing Charters


Due to Corona Virus concerns, for the next 30 days we will do private charters on our large 30 person boat starting at $440 for up to 4 or $110pp after that. Only me, my deckhand and your family on the boat! So pack up your family, we have Lysol and Clorox on board, get out of the house but away from people!


Our boats are located at the Port of Bremerton, (except halibut season) next to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal and 707 Sidney Parkway, Port Orchard, WA. next to the foot ferries.  Literally a 3 minute walk from the ferries!!  You can take the 22 minute Fast Ferry from Seattle for only $10 on weekdays!  Or enjoy a slower one hour scenic ride on the Car Ferry.  If you’re arriving by car, we depart Port Orchard at 7:45 am.  Free parking on weekends.  Then we pick up ferry riders in Bremerton at 8:30 am or sooner.  Once we have all scheduled people we will depart.  If you’re on the ferry, call us, there is no parking in Bremerton.

bremerton marina


We have plenty of room so come enjoy the scenery on Seattle’s largest fishing charter boat!

 * A 15% gratuity will be added for first mate and deckhands on private trips and large groups*






Halibut Page

For 2019 Halibut Season.

Call 360-895-5424.

Fishing Seattle/Bremerton

Why not fish on the most comfortable boat in the Puget Sound.$130 pp we stop at 10 on a 17 pole boat on those days, for $130 pp we put small groups or singles together. Ride alongs just $75 let the family see the wild life.

Group Cruises

Bremerton, Seattle, Lake Washington, Seattle Waterfront, Naval Shipyard, Blake Island, and more….


We are available for Contractor transport for ie… island, bridge, dive ops, t.v. productions. Our boats have large decks for some material….

Call Today For Best Dates On Seattle's Biggest Boats!


Due to seasons, tides and demand call us today to book best dates!