Ash Scattering Seattle

Have a private ash scattering ceremonies on the Puget Sound.

Ash Scattering Rates

Our ash scattering trips on Seattle’s Puget Sound are up to 2 hours and start at just $350.00 Grief counselors are always welcome to accompany you on your trip.

Our Charter Boat

Our charter boats are equipped with CD MP3 & iPod connections so you can bring your own remembrance music selections.

Non-Ceremonial Ash Scattering

If you have had a loved one that wanted their ashes scattered in Seattle’s Puget Sound and you’re not the boating type or for whatever reason you don’t wish to be present we can accommodate you in a respectful manner and carry the departed wish out on your behalf for just $95.

Remember Us

We hope you will respect the care we have taken during your time of grieving and how much your ash scattering trip meant to you, and remember us the next time under better circumstances.