THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT MY CHARTER SALES, but if you know me and my previous health read on if you’d like. I had serious arthritis in my hips and my lack of mobility ballooned my weight. I take some blame of course but an HMO that I will refer to as Group Death was of no help. I left them and went to the Franciscan Medical Group, and after five minutes with Dr. Holtzclaw he suggested cortisone shots as a possible temporary relief. Funny not a word from group death on that one. The shots helped so much for about 4 months, by that time I was on track for bariatric surgery (which group death did not offer to any employer under 50 people). As soon as I recovered from that I was on to both hips being replaced. The customers that were on my boat know how bad I was, walking with a cane or crutches. Life was unbearable, I only left the house for Charters. I was slower than absolutely anyone any age on my boat. Now I have lost one hundred pounds with new hips I can walk! I just left Sportco in the back office, my rep said “I’m sorry, I thought you were Randy… it sounded like him.” She honestly did not recognize me. I owe my life to the Franciscan medical group. If I had stayed with that other hmo, I would be on my way to being forced off the water and my employees out of work. Probably disability (I was definitely eligible).

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