Need a Boat For Hire?

We are SAMS certified.

We are available for Contract water transportation to islands, bridges, dive ops and TV and video production in Seattle and surrounding waterways.

Who’s Used Us?

We’ve shuttled workers to Blake Island and we’ve transported workers for Bechtel Corp. for the Tacoma Narrows bridge construction, 7 days a week for 7 months up to 20 hours a day. We have worked with Foster Wheeler Inc. (Tetra-Tech) as a dive boat for explosive underwater ordinance removal.

Why We’re A Good Choice

Our boats have large decks for a lot material. Since they are both veteran Westport boats with large keels, they can take most Puget Sound storms better than most.

Most importantly our low overhead keeps our prices down for your bids, but have the track record to deliver. I personally lived and breathed under the Tacoma Narrows bridge for 7 months….


Captain Keith "The Wizard" from Deadliest Catch on The Joker