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Halibut fishing in Washington 

Our halibut charters are based out of John Wayne Marina in Sequim, WA located at 2577 W. Sequim Bay Rd. Sequim, WA.  Our boats are moored at the farthest left dock at the opening of the breakwater.

Why fish Sequim?

Our boats are larger than most and we fish in calmer waters. Sequim is only a few miles from the fishing grounds. This means less cancellations due to high seas 6ft+.

  • From Sequim we even have protected waters so we can fish when you can’t get out from other ports.

  • Small boats are really slow in 8ft seas

  • Sequim is less than 60 miles from the half hour ferry rides of Seattle/Bainbridge or Edmonds/Kingston

  • We don’t run for hours getting to the good spots!

  • Even Canada rules have changed to 1 halibut under 40lbs per person per day.

Sequim is one of the closest locations for effective halibut fishing in milder waters. Admiralty Inlet occasionally gets halibut, but the Straights are more productive. Larger and fewer is what it’s known for.

If your going to go Halibut fishing in Washington, Why not make it a BIG one?


Halibut Fishing On The Venture In Washington

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